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Chris is a co-creative Editor at QMM INC and the Webnode website QMM UNIVERSE.

There he is Editor in Chief at GWIR PUBLICATIONS.

He is also Co-Editor at the arts magazine PARASEPTIC RITES soon to be launched.

His own companion website full of visuals and performance details is:-


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[For the records June 2013. Chris is happily no longer Co-Editor at the innovatory ONEIROS BOOKS, founded by the legendary Dave Mitchell.Chris is also happily no longer associated with PARAPHILIA MAGAZINE AND BOOKS, co-founded by Dire McCain and Dave Mitchell,  a much trafficked online arts organisation where he was once an Associate Editor.]


Chris is successfully developing projects at QMM INC- undertaking collaborative projects with the script-writer Mike Knowles and the fine artist Dan-Paul Flores and the biographer Curtis Price.

The webnode websites featuring two 'free to read' episodic books, in random recollection form, have been launched both featuring the extraordinary life of MORGAN MINERSON. Volume one is called OUTING MY SHAMELESS VOICE and the companion volume is titled INTENSIVE CARELESSNESS.


His book of short stories for adults SEX WITH STRANGERS- accompanied by his own illustrations is due for publication by GWIR PUBLICATIONS. Meanwhile you can find it 'free to read' at this Webnode website:-



JEFFREY DOWSON is illustrating Chris Madoch's childrens' work TOYLETT TOWN- another future GWIR PUBLICATION.

Chris Madoch's children's work THE MEGA WORDS SPOUTED BY BENJAMIN CHRISTMAS, is no longer being illustrated by Callum Leckie who is indisposed. It will now be illustrated by someone else and become a future GWIR PUBLICATION.

Dan-Paul Flores is the lead illustrator working with Chris Madoch and Mike Knowles on a future cult graphic novel- FATHER MCGINTY.


Look for the page that lists all of Chris' current projects.


Madoch's journalism has been widely published.


His one-man shows are constantly in development. 


Chris is a professional Fine Art Photographer and Fine Artist- his work ranges from designing packaging to producing large canvasses. Check out the galleries.




Chris' current book in publication is a collection of poetical expressionism RUMOURS FROM THE BALCONY which can only be purchased from the dedicated sales page of the publisher's website- erbacce-press. This is the publisher's preference. They do not deal with Amazon. Books available from independant online bookshops using the Amazon platform are not authorised by me.




erbacce-press Liverpool UK

January 30, 2011


A contentious volume of adult poetry produced with an excoriating truth- a book described as dangerous and beautiful.

Publisher: erbacce-press
ISBN: 978-1-907878-07-7
128 pps Fine Paperback £11.25 or $18 incl., shipping.

There is a dedicated sales page on the publisher’s website which is the preferred pathway of purchase because that best guards the book’s royalties and profit margins.



Chris' forthcoming book is a collection of short literary fiction for adults illustrated by himself and titled SEX WITH STRANGERS. This new work published by GWIR PUBLICATIONS will be available as soon as.





Chris has a very active internet footprint and his 4500+ fanpage on Facebook would make a good starting point for any search:-

https://www.facebook.com/chrismadoch Enjoy the taster window to this Facebook page below.


Below are the links to his other associated webnode sites. Notably the mothership website QMM UNIVERSE.









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'My intro to this website book speaks volumes- as it was intended to. LOL


‘In order for the light to shine brightly
the dark must be present.’
Francis Bacon

‘I matter much less than the matter of my
several works of creative expression. Fact.
To allow any spurious interest in ‘me’ to cloud
any path to an appreciation of my work would be,
I believe, seriously misguided.

Misguided people constantly vilify me on
social networks- I must be writing it too right
for them.
I hope they read this introduction.
My hope is that they read the entire book
and find their disabling delusions reflected
in the many stark mirrors of it.

Let me say this- intros to books bore me
so I shall be brief:
I do not suffer from the disease of faith.
I have no faith in the Freudian and Jungian
unproven interpretations of either dreams
or realities.
I share a belief, with a minority, in
father/mother NATURE, the power of
unconditional love and universal creative
collaborations. Without these things we would
not be here and without constantly exploring
the parameters of our understanding of such
things we run the risk of preparing our species
for extinction.
I share a belief in ‘truth’.
I am wired to be a truthist: the progenitor of
I do try my very best to trust.

This all makes ‘me’ immensely vulnerable
and an easy target in a sick society where
hypocrisy and lies have become a common
currency. But, I will by will alone constantly
make repeat attempts to be free to be me,
to allow myself the freedoms to create what I do,
to be free of all of the pain inflicted on me by you
and my countless experiences of you.
I have said enough, intimated a great deal.
My priority, as ever, is to let my work do the talking.


I find it hard to forget that these troubled times
we live in reflect the shameful lack of trouble we
purposely take to make them trouble-free.
Shooting ourselves in both feet we are
traveling nowhere fast."

Chris Madoch. West Sussex. UK. 26th July 2013.

When you spend seven years creating something- because that is your way of working, it is quite hard to treat your outpourings with the indifference that many self-published volumes continue to deserve.
I just cannot do it.
Instant 'books' choc full of cut-ups and piss poor faux poetry should not be aired- well that is a personal opinion: they should have the air around them properly sucked to the point of suffocation. LOL.
People who proliferate such publishings and their lame 'publishers' are systematically poisoning the art of reliable and genuine critique. What they see as revolutionary is in fact REVOLTING. LOL. The real literary jihad is the pure art of holding up a mirror to these pretenders and demanding that they see the ugly and delusional truth about themselves. Yee ha!
Blimey- it seems I do have a purpose in life.' CM 




Facebook Event: the launch of SEX WITH STRANGERS. YAY! Join us.

'A lady left a rather strange comment on my website book- all the more strange because she described herself as a 'star commenter'. Never knew such persons existed. LOL. BUT she needed to be replied to and here it is:-

"Dear Stephanie Nichole Davis- well, sure thing! For you.

My favourite people who draw the line are ARTISTS. When they cross it they do so with creative freedom without which their art would be tainted by bigotry. I happen to venture, when I am able, to say that Harry Potter et al are nothing short of very banal mental pornographies- but I would never constrain their right to exist.

You must be eminently singular if you can be sure that you could never care less what consenting adults do in private. The human being is nothing if not hugely curious. How did you escape?

The subtext of my whole collection is to illustrate the myths of our moral pretentiousness and to go where Lyall Watson's book Dark Nature made me dig for the recent artifacts of gross hypocrisy.

Rape has existed since the beginning of time- clearly GOD bod has allowed it to be so. I am not saying that I approve of it or seek to publicise it gratuitously BUT there it is, we have not yet found a way to rid ourselves of its horrors. And I am not one to let that go.
The same would hold true for beastiality and the employ of children for carnal pleasure or, indeed, cheap labour.
These things are very ancient practice and persist in being omnipresent regardless of our ridiculous posturing.

Fine literature and art has this important role to play in holding up mirrors to our ego tainted selves. I am in the service of that function. I seem to be succeeding for the majority of those who visit here and set to reading.

Like you I walk into bookshops groaning with new releases and exercise my freedom of choice. I do not expect for one second that ALL COMERS should like MY book. When I buy a book I do not have the time to waste on making apologies for myself rejecting all those other volumes.

My guess is, from what you have commented in the guise of a 'Top Commentator', that you have not read this work sufficiently well to reach any profound understanding of it. So be it.

To attempt any criticism of its existence based on your own pre-conceptions and subjective belief system is sheer folly and I would never stoop to such a thing. I am not that fond of making such a fool of myself in public.

You go ahead and read what pleases YOU. I have no problem with that whatsoever and never have. 

Regards. CM"

Mmm. Yes I take my work far more seriously than I take myself. LOL.' CM 

See for yourself at


Soon to be published


here it appears as a

'free to read' website.






CHRIS MADOCH: imagist/perfo…



23/06/2013 20:23


When first tripping across Chris Madoch in a buzzing hive of Bukowski and Ginsberg wannabes, I found myself making the assumption that I had stumbled over yet another flawed mold of writers tirelessly glorified to the state of literary sainthood. I’d become jaded, having been inundated with caricatures of beat and so-called modern day writing “geniuses” and frankly, I was expecting no surprise when coming across Madoch in the same stomping grounds as the rest of the clones. However, surprise comes in many forms; mine did appear, and it appeared to me in the form of a sharp realization biting me in the ass of the assumption I had so smugly been sitting on, advising me in no uncertain terms, that here was no mock literary wizard, but in fact, the real deal.
Like many writers of this generation who have risen from unknown waters, Madoch addresses events and topics once hush-hush untouchable; now garishly unavoidable. Yet unlike his peers, Madoch takes on these topical hot potatoes with a grace, and dare I say it? class sorely lacking in so much of the writing populating the bookshelves of today.
Madoch is outrageous. Madoch is shocking. In his mind, nothing is sacred. Nor should it be. In a world of back room hacks, Chris is a literary surgeon tooled in pen, mind and tongue so accurate, so sharp, that wherein a lesser writer might leave behind in their musings and speculations a bloody convolution difficult to absorb, he holds the ability to slice through the foulest of hypocrisies. And slice he does; quickly, cleanly and bloodlessly, leaving exposed the arteries and nerves of the political, social, sexual and/or religious corpses he’s dissected, giving his spectators no time or room to look away in avoidance.
While one might think that a writer this ruthless in his observations would be cold and course, he is not. Stylistically, he maintains elegance even while wallowing with the muddied swine (think the elocution of an Olivier as he mouths ‘Fuck’). The words Chris wields with such microscopic precision are compelling reflections of a society unaccepting of its frailties, fragilities, cruelties and hypocrisies. However, behind this brutal force peeling away thick layers cocooning harsh truths is a warmth, a question, a humility and compassion keeping his readers with him, even as he plunges into depths so few are bold enough to explore.
What Madoch offers us with his craft might very well be, on the surface, repulsive and ugly, but between the lines read a powerful truth. Within the grim reflections this militant holds up to aversion are compelling beauty and light, neither of which can be overlooked, dimmed or denied. And they will not be. Not as long as the force of this messiah is sustained. It simply will not be … allowed. And that is the power of Chris Madoch.
Alicia Winski, Author, Editor and Publisher/Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House





23/06/2013 14:30


My life-partner Dan-Paul was in Zurich for the first week in March to launch our hair product range which I can claim 70% of the packaging design credit for. It went fabulously well. He has since been to Munich with IKO Beauty to audition for the biggest shopping channel in Europe and has secured a call-back in September. He is being chased by other outlets..



Chris is next publishing his illustrated collection of short fiction for adults SEX WITH STRANGERS through GWIR PUBLICATIONS.To follow will come his children's books THE MEGAWORDS SPOUTED BY BENJAMIN CHRISTMAS and TOYLETT TOWN. He is putting together a new collection of poetry: TUMOURS FROM THE PHARMACY.


Chris Madoch 2013


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